In Years 3-6 students are also involved in a sports program. The program is designed for students to put their fundamental skills to use in team/game situations or modified versions of several sports. Students will also have the opportunity to represent the School in team sports competitions at venues within our district.


The School currently offers a swimming program to Foundation and year 1 and 2 students. Details will be provided to parents during the year.

School Camps

Our students from years 3 – 6 participate in a school camps and outdoor experiences program each year. The benefits of school camps have been shown to be integral to the development of young people. In a risk‐averse society children are having fewer and fewer experiences where they make the decisions and experience “safe danger”. Lessons about self‐reliance, self‐confidence, exploration, respect and responsibility are all important components of a successful camping experience. The School outdoor education program uses camps that provide a low‐risk environment.