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The Teesdale Primary School Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program




For children to form positive food habits for life by learning how to grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Learn how to prepare and cook delicious, nutritious, real food to enjoy.



The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Teesdale Primary School was established in February 2007 under the direction of the Principal at the time, Brent Richards.

The horticultural experience of the school’s first Garden Specialist, Polly Musgrove, was instrumental in establishing the garden at Teesdale. Polly helped to create the unique layout of the garden, which features lizard-shaped beds with thick concrete edging, an apple dome, a fruit tree orchard, a keyhole-shaped bed, chicken coop, a pergola for grapevines and raised star-shaped beds.

Water-saving wicking beds were introduced in 2015 to tackle the challenges of the competing water needs from growing vegetable crops underneath and near fruit trees, to make the garden more water efficient and have help improve the garden’s productivity.

With more than 30 fruit trees and a large variety of herb and vegetable beds, we continue to focus on improving the gardens each year to increase food productivity and its efficiency.

Benefits for Your Child


Food education is about children experiencing the joy of gardening, understanding how fruit and vegetables are grown and the vital nutrients they supply for young growing bodies.

Food education can be integrated into any curriculum, from preschool to secondary school, to provide a hands-on understanding of literacy, numeracy, science and much more. Students also learn life skills they can take beyond the classroom that will help them to make healthier choices into the future.

Our students have fun planting and digging in the garden, identifying and picking fresh seasonal veggies, smelling and tasting the food they prepare in our fully equipped kitchen ‘The Mudbrick’, and sharing the experience with their classmates and helpers.  Additionally, the children look after the chickens and collect their eggs every day.

Our Kitchen Garden Program is integrated into the school’s science curriculum. Each class is divided into three groups that rotate between science, kitchen (cooking) and garden sessions. Our junior school may have a variety of other experiences from time to time depending on a number of considerations such as safety for the students, growing season and availability of class time.

We are extremely proud of our Kitchen Garden Program and the experiences and opportunities we are able to provide for our students.

The Mudbrick Cafe


In 2016, The Mudbrick Cafe was established. The cafe provides a wonderful learning opportunity for students to experience a hospitality environment and provide entertainment by performing an act in front of the café audience. The café is open to the whole community, providing an opportunity for the school to showcase the fresh, seasonal produce it grows.


Teesdale Primary School Garden Awards


Our gardens each year go from strength to strength and we have won numerous Victorian Schools Garden Awards over the years including;


ü  2009 - The Kevin Heinz Perpetual Award


ü  2015 - Regional Award Winner 2015

ü  2017 - Best Edible Garden