Our School - Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Teesdale Primary School

Welcome to the Teesdale Primary School website.  We hope you enjoy finding out about the many exciting programs we offer at Teesdale.  We see ourselves as a learning community – for students, staff, parents and the wider Teesdale community. Our school motto is ‘Excellence in Education’ and we want this to live through all of the opportunities we provide for students.

We strongly promote the development of social competencies in students by engaging our students in discussions and opportunities to reflect on our agreed Five Values: Respect, Friendship, Excellence, Honesty and Resilience.  Teesdale Primary School is a place where children learn in a happy and secure environment.

Our school is proud to be a part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.  We have a well maintained organic garden and a fully functioning commercial kitchen.  Other programs offered include Art, Science, Physical Education and Asian Studies-Indonesian.  The school community is the hub of Teesdale and together with our Parents' Club, we organise many community events to promote our great community spirit.  We rely on the wonderful assistance of our volunteers to make these events and many of our school-based programs work so well.  We also offer before and after school care through CommunityOSH, 7.30-8.45am and 3.15 – 6.00pm on school days.

A major and exciting development for us is our new Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program in our Year 3-6 classes.  It has allowed our staff and students to work in a far more flexible environment which caters for 21st century learning.

I hope you are able to come along and visit our school.  We are very friendly and always like to welcome new students and visitors to our school. We can also be found on Facebook and we post updates of school life on our school Facebook page on a regular basis.

Sam Irwin