Our School - School Values

Our 5 Values at Teesdale Primary School


  • We use good manners.

  • We look after our own and other people's property.

  • We care for ourselves but not putting ourselves down.

  • We nurture the environment.

  • We have pride in our school.


  • Including everyone - accepting people for who they are.

  • Talk nicely - no putdowns.

  • Sharing with others.

  • Asking others, "Are you OK?"

  • Helping each other.


  • Giving 100% in whatever you do.

  • Aiming high to achieve your goals.

  • Being a great role model for others.

  • Taking pride in your personal best.

  • Striving to be your best, even when it's difficult.


  • Tell the truth no matter what the consequences are.

  • If you find something that is not yours, hand it in.

  • Ask permission before using other people's belongings.

  • Speaking up for yourself and others when the truth needs to be told.

  • Seeking help when needed rather than pretending everything is okay.


  • Bounce back when something goes wrong.

  • Try until you succeed.

  • Face your fears, be brave and believe in yourself.

  • Focus on the positives in life, not the negatives.

  • Give everything a go, even things you're not the best at.