Our School - School Profile

Teesdale Primary School

Our school opened in 1878 with an enrolment of 11 children.  In 2021, the school has grown to 222 students providing a rich learning environment that caters to the needs of all our students.  Working in teams, our staff have a strong collaborative approach to planning and delivering quality educational programs.

In addition, Art, Science, ICT, Kitchen Garden and Indonesian complement an exciting and challenging core learning program.

Teesdale Primary School is an integral part of the Teesdale community.  We are proud to be a community focal point, with strong involvement from parents and community groups in both our core and extra-curricular activities.

Our school will always aim to provide the best possible education, so that all children have the opportunity to achieve their own level of excellence.

Keeping abreast of  best practice education theory and practice, we are at the leading edge of learning, with committed, talented staff, who maintain the highest levels of knowledge, skill and care for our students.