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Teesdale Primary School - School Council

The School Council, comprising of elected parents, teachers, community members and the Principal, play an important part in setting the strategic direction for many aspects of the school's activities such as curriculum, policy development, finance, community engagement and student wellbeing.  The School Council actively monitors progress against the objectives and targets in the Strategic Plan to ensure objectives are met.

Communication and engagement are key ingredients to a successful school experience.  School Council is keen to hear from and take into account the views of the broader Teesdale school community to help shape the future success of Tesdale.  Feedback, suggestions and enquiries from the community are welcome by contacting the school on 03 5281 5218, writing to the School Council by letter, or emailing the school. 

School Council Members


Sam Irwin



Samantha Laro-Bashford

I have been a parent at Teesdale Primary School since 2012 and part of the Teesdale PS School Council since 2016.  My current position is School Council President and a member of the Finance Sub Committee Group.  I can be contacted by email.


Vice President

Natalie Schwuch



Kate Wojcik


Finance Committee

Samantha Laro-Bashford

Sue Kelly

Kate Wojcik


Curriculum Committee

Rhys Lindsay

Clare Morrison

Natalie Schwuch

Susan Ryan


Buildings and Grounds Committee

Peter Fisher

Sam Irwin

Lan Van Galen


OSHC Committee

Sam Irwin

Kerryn Beauchamp