Our School - Our Staff

Meet the Teesdale Primary School Team

Administration Team

Principal - Sam Irwin                                                                                                                                                                                    

Business Manager - Sue Aitken

Office Assistant - Debbie Smith 


Teaching Teams

Foundation - Natalie Fletcher and Cathy McHenry

Year 1/2 Class -  Roxanne Wells, Grant Smith and Kelsey Whyte                                                                              

Year 3/4 Class - Hannah Caithness, Bradley Maskell and Laura Child

Year 5/6 Class - Reshae Armstrong and Jacqui Kelley

Visual Arts - Susie Belcher

Performing Arts - Lisa Clarke

Science - Leah Moroney

Information Technology - John Mullins


Integration Support Team

Sue O'Mealley

Chris Watts

Genevieve Elijah

Trudie Hodge

Kim Barker



Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Team

Leah Moroney, Sue O'Mealley and Karen Biscan