OSHC - OSHC Program

Teesdale Primary School Outside School Hours Care

Established in 2007, our service operates with two staff members at all times. 

At our morning service, children enjoy a comfortable, relaxed breakfast in our mudbrick kitchen building.  Children are encouraged to develop their life skills by assisting with breakfast preparation and making their own eating choices from a variety of breakfast options.  Conversation is a key feature of our mornings, before cleaning up our own dishes and heading off to school classes. We believe the importance of BEFORE School Care is for the children to approach the start of the day in a positive manner that is conducive to effective learning and social interaction.  We provide this by offering a healthy breakfast and a balance of passive and active experiences where the children are guided and encouraged to be independent.  This enables them to approach their school day with energy, confidence and resilience.

Our afternoon service offers a full and varied program that encompasses all development areas.  Our comprehensive program allows children individual flexibility to choose indoor, outdoor, self directed or structured activities. In addition, children have the opportunity  to join in the Sporting Schools Program, which offers a different sport each term and is fully funded. Our school is part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program and healthy afternoon snacks along with the Cooking Club, are enjoyable features of our Outside School Hours Program.  We believe the importance of AFTER School Care is that children are provided with opportunities to relax and debrief after the busy school day.  We provide this by offering a healthy snack, a time of quiet reflection and an opportunity to discuss their day.  Children also have a choice of passive or active experiences based on group dynamics and prevailing weather.

Teesdale OSHC has passed accreditation from the National Childcare Accreditation Council, validating the quality and passion of our service, staff and the program they develop and deliver.  The Application for Childcare Benefit is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and the application should be forwarded by the parent to Commonwealth Family Assistance Office.